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Zero Trust Cloud-First Enterprise Identity with Saviynt Solutions

Welcome to MetroMax Solutions Cyber Security

MetroMax Solutions is the exclusive partner of Saviynt Solutions, providing exceptional services and solutions. Together, we offer a powerful combination of expertise and technology for your identity and access management needs.

Trust our IAM experts to guide you in evaluating and implementing Saviynt solutions. Saviynt enables enterprises to secure applications, data, and infrastructure in a unified platform, covering both Cloud (Office 365, AWS, Salesforce, Workday) and traditional Enterprise setups (SAP, Oracle EBS).

Saviynt stands out with its pioneering IGA 2.0 approach. By integrating advanced risk analytics and intelligence with fine-grained privilege management, Saviynt provides unmatched control and protection.

MetroMax Solutions has a proven track record in delivering successful IAM programs. We leverage leading identity technologies to ensure the right vendor and technology match your unique requirements.

Here are just a few reasons why Saviynt is the ideal solution for today's enterprise

Built for Today's Enterprise

Saviynt is designed to meet the complex needs of modern organizations, encompassing both Cloud and traditional IT environments.

Imparts Actionable Intelligence

Saviynt leverages advanced risk analytics and intelligence to provide you with actionable insights into your IAM landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Utilizes Cloud Acceleration

With Saviynt's cloud-native architecture, you can take advantage of the scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency that the Cloud offers.

Adds Platform Power

Saviynt's comprehensive platform brings together various functionalities, enabling you to manage identity, access, governance, and more from a single, powerful solution.

Why Choose Saviynt IAM Over Legacy IAM?

Unified Identity Platform

Saviynt offers a streamlined solution, combining identity, application, and privileged access governance in one platform.

Flexible and Configurable

Saviynt is a highly adaptable SaaS solution, easily customizable to meet your organization's unique needs as it grows.

Built-in AI & Machine Learning

Saviynt harnesses the power of AI and machine learning for seamless compliance monitoring and remediation, eliminating the need for additional integrations.

Faster ROI & Deployment

Deploying Saviynt is quick, taking weeks instead of months, resulting in cost savings and accelerated return on investment to stay ahead in the market.

Our mission is to provide a modern IAM program that brings confidence and peace of mind.

We specialize in implementing and supporting a range of Saviynt IAM suites and applications, including:

Data & Privilege Access Governance

Gain valuable insights into user behavior, access patterns, and anomalies to enhance your security posture.

Access Analytics

Gain valuable insights into user behavior, access patterns, and anomalies to enhance your security posture.

Access Risk Insight

Identify and address access-related risks in real-time, preventing potential threats before they materialize.

Saviynt Security Analyzer

Conduct comprehensive security assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.

Access Protect

Enforce granular access controls, authentication policies, and multi-factor authentication to fortify your security defenses.

Application Secure

Safeguard your critical business applications by implementing robust access controls and streamlining the authentication process.

Seamless Migration Process

Throughout the entire migration process, our experienced professionals will provide guidance and assistance, to guarantee a seamless and successful transition to Saviynt’s feature-rich IAM platform.


We analyze your legacy IAM system and understand your requirements.


We create a tailored migration plan, including a timeline and resources.

Data Preparation

We gather and prepare data from your legacy system.


We customize the Saviynt platform to align with your processes.


We rigorously test the migrated data and ensure functionality.

User Training

We provide comprehensive training for the new platform.


We carefully manage the transition to minimize disruption.

Post-Migration Support

We offer ongoing support to address any issues or fine-tuning needs.

Unlock the true potential of Saviynt IAM and experience the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced compliance, and improved security.

Trust us as your partner for end-to-end legacy IAM migration to Saviynt IAM.