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Guide to IAM – How IAM Solutions Improve User Experience


Imagine trying hard to recollect your own password – a complex mix of letters and numbers (not to mention one uppercase minimum!). You pause, sigh deeply, and reluctantly surrender to the “forgot password” option.

Then, the age-old dance begins, proving you’re not a robot but a human who’s misplaced your password. Eventually, you manage to reset your complex alphanumeric password, only to let it slip from your memory once again. Does this sound familiar? You’re definitely not sailing this ship alone!

Password Fatigue – Not a Myth


In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses strive to keep their data safe. But we cannot deny that some security measures take a toll on the users. 


In 2017, Google found that 66% of people experienced password fatigue, struggling to remember or reset passwords.


To remember their passwords, users often resort to weak passwords or reuse them, making it easier for attackers to gain unauthorized access.


Identity and Access Management (IAM) – The Answer to Password Fatigue


With user experience taking the front seat alongside security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are evolving, helping achieve both these goals. According to a recent report by CyberRisk Alliance, more than half of IAM adopters are focused on user experience


Let’s explore some user-friendly IAM solutions that enhance security and user experience. 


Single Sign-On (SSO): Easy Access, Strong Protection


Picture logging in once and having access to all your apps. That’s what SSO does. It saves time and effort by letting you use one set of login details for many apps. 


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Double Defense, Added Safety


MFA adds an extra layer of protection, and users provide more than just a password to enter. It could be a fingerprint or a one-time code from their phone. Apart from added security, it is a relief for users who frequently run out of ideas for complex passwords when resetting often. 


Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Right Access for the Right People


In the digital world, RBAC grants access based on job roles. It leaves no space for unnecessary access or risks of breaches. Above all, users enjoy easy access to what they need without getting buried under layers of security procedures. 


Passwordless Authentication: No More Password Worries


Yes! The word itself provides quite a relief, right? Passwords are tricky to remember and highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. With Biometric Authentication that uses unique physical features like face, fingerprints, iris, etc., users enjoy hassle-free security procedures.


User Provisioning and Deprovisioning: Smooth Entry and Exit


Managing access privileges is crucial when employees join or depart from a team. IAM makes this process smooth. It facilitates easy access for new members and ensures prompt revocation of access privileges when members leave the organization. Some organizations automate this process for timely action. 


Other IAM Solutions That Can Enhance Security & User Experience


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA): Keeping Everything in Check


When an organization grows, tracking who has access to what can be challenging. Here, IGA comes to the rescue. It manages identities and access across systems, ensuring the right people have appropriate access. 


Risk-Based Authentication: Smart and Secure


Risk-Based Authentication identifies suspicious logins proactively. If it spots an unusual activity, it asks for more verification to ensure the user is genuine. Since the extra identity verification is prompted only for suspicious logins, users can experience a secure work environment with reduced security steps.


Auditing and Reporting: Keeping an Eye on Things


Auditing and reporting actively track user activities, catching unusual activities, and improving security. It is again beneficial to genuine users with clean records, who do not have to undergo complex procedures every time to prove their intention. 

By embracing these IAM solutions, businesses can enjoy top-level security and a smooth user experience. These solutions keep unauthorized users out and streamline and enhance the user journey. 


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