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The Importance of Ongoing Cybersecurity Education


Let us admit it! Humans can no longer bask in the halo light of cybersecurity in blissful ignorance. Technological progress has propelled invention, innovation, and advancements like never before. Days are such that we rely on technology to perform even the simplest of math or find the nearest café.

We are blessed with technological convenience. But we seldom realize that it comes at a price. Using technology without cybersecurity awareness is more dangerous than it seems. Quoting Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park, using technology without awareness is equivalent to an ignorant child wielding his dad’s gun.

Why is Cybersecurity Still Alien?

There is a spike in the level of cybersecurity awareness among people. The question is – Is it enough? The height of ignorance would be the belief that cybersecurity refers to a bunch of security frameworks and sophisticated tools put together to stop some nerdy bad guys in hoodies. The truth is – cybersecurity is more psychological than technological. As Mr. Bruce Schneier rightly says –Amateurs hack systems, and professionals hack people.

3 Reasons Why Ongoing Cyber Education is a Top Priority:

Reason 1: Hackers are Targeting People, not Software

Hackers are shifting their focus from software vulnerabilities to the emotional and psychological vulnerabilities of people. We should be aware of how our vulnerabilities become their advantage.

Reason 2: Technology has Permeated Every Industry

Cybersecurity is now a global concern, as every industry has technology ingrained in it. Insiders, third-party vendors, and even customers are seen as vulnerable gateways by cybercriminals.

Reason 3: Cybercrime is becoming a Business

Remember, there are professionals and prodigies amongst cybercriminals too. Apart from valuable data and financial information, they now sell highly sophisticated tools and infrastructure that can be used to instigate more cybercrimes worldwide.

How to Initiate Ongoing Cybersecurity Education?

There is a reason why ‘ongoing’ is emphasized multiple times. Cybercrimes are and will keep evolving alongside technology. Hence, Cybersecurity Education would be an everlasting love affair for every technology user. Let us look at some simple steps to initiate Cyber Education.

Make it relevant: Our primary responsibility would be to de-alienate cybersecurity from being an unconceivable sophistication. We should learn how cybersecurity plays a crucial role in our daily lives, both on professional and personal fronts.

Use Real-World Examples: People are more likely to learn and retain information when quoted from real-world examples.

Make the process enjoyable: Gamification is an effective way of instilling the best cybersecurity practices in people.

Offer Rewards and Recognition: Recognizing the efforts people make to understand cybersecurity encourages them to uphold best practices until they become a habit.

Make it Accessible: Cyber Education should be accessible in different formats like video tutorials, online courses, blogs, newsletters, etc., to spread awareness rapidly.

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